Suite on second floor of the Manor-house. Spacious room with classical design and modern entrance, kitchen and bathroom. Two single beds; Television, internet access and comfortable seats; Own kitchen; Wash-hand basin; Own storage room with plenty of space; Bathroom with shower and toilet; Non-smoking. Price for 2 persons € 105,- * Breakfast € 10,00 p.p. *) includes […]

Large apartment in yard cellar on the Old Canal with own terrace on the water. Unique accommodation on a special location. 4 person stay is possible. Own entrance; Terrace on yard (werf); Dining kitchen with cooking facilities; Separate bedroom; Spacious lounge room with extra sleep accommodation; Television, telephone and internet; Bathroom with toilet and walk-in […]

Dales Gast en Verblijf can act as go between in assisting you in renting other appartments in our vicinity. For a longer period, if needed. You can contact us.  

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